Sydney McCall runs the local Deer Park animal shelter alongside her sister, Kat. The upcoming fundraiser will help them promote their newest kitties thanks to shopping celebrity Ulla Townsend, who has agreed to give a percentage of proceeds to the shelter. Except Ulla has secrets and a past of misdeeds that she highlights in her newest book. When she’s found dead before the fundraiser is over, Sydney suspects foul play, but her detective boyfriend and his new partner have warned her off the case. As the evidence builds up it all points back to her friend, so Sydney turns to her roommate, Leila, and her cat, Toby, to dig into the past. Can she prove her friend’s innocence before it’s too late?

A dazzling charmer, Death by a Whisker has the humor and quirkiness typically found in cozies with a fun feline twist. Sydney is an amateur sleuth with a natural knack for solving mysteries and has a lighthearted personality. She often turns to her cat, Toby, for advice, which has humorous results and gives Sydney a playful attitude. Toby is full of personality and steals every scene he’s in with his feisty spunk and fierce loyalty. The mystery is primarily what drives the plot, but T.C. LoTempio blends in several characters, so there’s a real sense of community. Through Sydney you get to know the characters and want to be in this warm little community. It doesn’t veer far from comical and never feels like Sydney is in true danger. With so many suspects, the real culprit keeps you guessing until the end. LoTempio has a sharp wit and a spunky attitude, which shines through in Sydney, as well as a lighthearted humor. Death by a Whisker is the second book in LoTempio’s Cat Rescue Mystery series.


Reviewed By: Elizabeth Konkel



   A new A PURR N BARK PET SHOP series, featuring an actress, who returns to her hometown after her TV series is cancelled to take over her late aunt's pet shop--to find that the town is filled with feuding socialites (and a handsome detective); beginning with THE TIME FOR MURDER IS MEOW, to Terri Bischoffat Midnight Ink, in a three-book deal, by Josh Getzler at Hannigan Salky Getzler 

Coming in 2021:  More Nick and Nora and Pet Shop!

I've just signed a contract with Beyond the Page Publishing for the next four Nick and Nora mysteries and the next three Pet Shop mysteries. That means Nick and Nora will continue through Book 7, and Shell, Gary, Purrday and Kahlua through Book 4!

Watch for more news on release dates, cover art, etc.

February 9 marked the debut of Book 4 in the Nick and Nora Series, Hiss H for Homicide!  Book 5, MURDER FAUX PAWS will be out February 2022!

The Pet Shop series has been picked up by Beyond the Page and will be rebranded and reissued, starting with Book 1 on June 9!  Book Two, KILLERS OF A FEATHER, will be out June of 2022!

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COVER REVEAL: Cat Rescue 2, DEATH BY A WHISKER, out February 13, 2018!


Sydney McCall left a prestigious job at a New York ad agency to come home to Deer Park, N.C., and help her sister, Kat, run the Friendly Paws Animal Shelter. In LoTempio’s cute second Cat Rescue mystery (after 2017’s Purr M for Murder), best-selling author Dudley Simmons has agreed to appear at a fund-raiser for the shelter, but, when he’s hurt in a car accident, Ulla Townsend, a TV shopping network celebrity with a soon-to-be-published autobiography, agrees to step in at the last minute, much to everyone’s relief. Ulla’s autobiography is rumored to dish a lot of dirt on everyone who ever crossed paths with her, so when she’s found on the shelter’s bathroom floor, dead from a mysterious allergic reaction, there are plenty of suspects to investigate. Fortunately, Syd has a knack for solving mysteries. She also has a reporter best friend, a gorgeous detective boyfriend, and a cat named Toby who supplies crucial clues. What more could a cozy mystery reader want? Agent: Josh Getzler, HSG Agency. (Feb.)


When a disastrous event promoting the local animal shelter leaves an employee as a potential murder suspect, her colleagues and friends rally to clear her name.Returning to her hometown of Deer Park, North Carolina, wasn't in Syd McCall's plan for her life, but it's suiting her—and Toby, her recently adopted tabby—just fine. She and her nearby sister, Kat, run the Friendly Paws Animal Shelter along with their friend Maggie Shayne, who works with the sisters to make sure all their cats and dogs have safe and loving homes. Their newest promotion, cleverly dubbed Caturday, pairs a book signing with bestselling author and Deer Park native Dudley Simmons with a social adoption event for the shelter. All systems are go until Dudley has an accident that prevents his attendance. Luckily, last-minute guest Ulla Townsend, the hostess of a television shopping show, agrees to fill in. Another Deer Park native, Ulla hasn't been embraced by her former town the way Dudley has. In fact, when Maggie learns about the new guest, she uncharacteristically refuses to take part in the event. Once Syd meets Ulla, she understands Maggie's reluctance. Since Caturday is meant to be a one-off, it shouldn't matter much, but Ulla has what seems like a panic attack. Before Syd even realizes what's happening, the surprise guest is being led away on a stretcher. Ulla, who doesn't even make it to the hospital, has evidently been the victim of foul play. What's worse, Maggie, who's known to loathe Ulla, becomes a top suspect in her murder. To clear Maggie's name, Syd has to rely on her boyfriend, homicide detective Will Worthington, as well as her own instincts to pluck the murderer from a sea of enemies. The second in LoTempio's series (Purr M for Murder, 2017) reprises her signature blend of cozy and cats in a mild mix sure to please fans of the subgenre.


One sister must prove the innocence of the other in the murder of a man determined to shut down their small-town animal shelter.

Sydney and Kat McCall are working together to help save their North Carolina animal rescue, Friendly Paws. Though Kat’s been living in the area and working at the rescue for a while, Sydney’s only recently moved back to her childhood hometown from New York City after having discovered her fiance cheating on her (good riddance). The two are determined to use their talents to bring Friendly Paws from the red into the black, or at least make it black enough so that the shelter animals won’t be at risk of being rereleased. While Kat focuses on managing the shelter, Sydney uses her background in advertising to promote Friendly Paws in the community. Her first idea, a Cat Café, mixes a coffeehouse experience with the opportunity to meet and greet cats available to adopt. Sydney’s sure it will be a success. Even printing out the fliers has made her fall a bit in love with Toby, the shelter’s unofficial mascot. But businessman/landlord/jerk Trowbridge Littleton wants to stop the café in its tracks and threatens to find a way to shut the sisters, and the shelter, down for good. Sydney can’t stop fast-talking Kat from threatening Littleton in the heat of the moment. Coming to her senses, Kat tries to meet and talk calmly with Littleton only to discover that someone’s obligingly done away with him. Given her threats, Kat is the No. 1 suspect, though Sydney has a surprise ally on the local police force in Detective Will Worthington, her former Deer Park High School friend, who’s pretty sure he can prove Kat’s innocence if only Sydney will stay out of his way.

LoTempio’s latest series follows her sweet, simple pattern (Crime and Catnip, 2016, etc.) of cat-focused cozy with uncomplicated characters who are broadly defined.



This sprightly series opener from LoTempio (Claws for Alarm and two other Nick and Nora mysteries) offers pure catnip for feline mystery fans. Ad exec Sydney McCall left New York City for her hometown of Deer Park, N.C., after finding her fiancé, the boss’s son, in bed with her secretary. In Deer Park, she quickly runs into a corpse—obnoxious Trowbridge Littleton, who recently vowed to close down Friendly Paws, the animal shelter run by Syd’s sister, Kat. With Kat high on the suspect list, Syd has to investigate a colorful roster of Littleton-haters. Cue the cute cop, Will Worthington, who doesn’t want interference from an amateur sleuth—even though he and Syd had a thing in high school. Who killed Littleton? How long until Syd and Will kiss? LoTempio spins the suspense, but what most distinguishes the book is Syd’s mystical connection with Toby, an unadoptable orange tabby. Who’s the rescuer, who the rescued? You needn’t be a cat person to get caught up in their drama. Agent: Josh Getzler, HSG Agency. (Mar.)