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April 4 will mark the debut of the TIFFANY AUSTIN FOOD BLOGGER cozy mystery series!  This series, published by Severn House, is about a chef who returns to her home town and starts up an entirely new career as a food blogger...and amateur detective!

February 23, 2023 is the release date for the sixth Nick and Nora mystery, A PURR BEFORE DYING.  Nick and Nora solve a murder on a soap opera filming in Cruz!

June 2023 will see the release of Pet Shop 3. No title yet!!!!!!!

Coming in 2021:  More Nick and Nora and Pet Shop!

I've just signed a contract with Beyond the Page Publishing for the next four Nick and Nora mysteries and the next three Pet Shop mysteries. That means Nick and Nora will continue through Book 7, and Shell, Gary, Purrday and Kahlua through Book 4!

Watch for more news on release dates, cover art, etc.

Hiss-H-for-Homicide (2).jpg

Did I  mention that MURDER FAUX PAWS won the Firebird Award for Best Cozy Mystery in 2022?  jWell it did!!!!!!!

Murder Faux Paws Cover 2.jpg
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